Tea Tense: Sleep Escape

Group 10 has created an innovative sleep room for sleep deprived university students. Steam is used to hydrate the body by infusion of sleep enhancing and energizing teas, which gives the body the required 8 ounces of water per day while energizes the body. The room is set at 67 degrees Fahrenheit. According to science,… Continue reading Tea Tense: Sleep Escape


Kenya Considering Launching Tea Futures

by City Jam Kenya is the third largest producer of tea leaves in the world (Source: Getty) The world's first tea futures contracts could be launched in Kenya in an attempt to stabilise prices and securitise production. Representatives of the Kenyan tea industry have held talks with INTL FCStone Inc, a financial advisory firm based… Continue reading Kenya Considering Launching Tea Futures

Hydration Steam Pod

by Sun Care abq Hydration Steam Pod session includes the use of Oxygen Science Concentrates to drench the body in a delightful oxyhydrating moisturizing bath. Each Hydration experience includes a specific blend of topical liquid vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, aloe vera and other skin nourishing ingredients. Choose a customized skincare experience. The Hydration Steam Pod… Continue reading Hydration Steam Pod

Healing Power of Tea

This old-fashioned “it” drink fights cavities, eases anxiety, and soothes irritated skin. Face brightener Try this skin saver from Skinsational Skin and Body Spa in Carlsbad, California. Soak a washcloth in warm chamomile tea with three drops of lavender oil; wring dry, and press onto face. Chamomile tea contains azulene, an anti-inflammatory that calms skin.… Continue reading Healing Power of Tea

Tea Scents to Help You Wake Up and Feel Energized!

by Sleep.org Sniffing away grogginess has never been easier. Just as certain scents like lavender can help you drift off to sleep, other aromas can be just what you need to feel alert and awake. With any of the following smells, look for essential oils, shampoos, body washes, lotions, or teas that feature the scent… Continue reading Tea Scents to Help You Wake Up and Feel Energized!

Ancient Egyptian Herbs and Remedies

by Aldo Kkan Comparison Between Egyptian and Chinese Herbal Medicines Diseases Egyptian Herbs and Remedies Chinese Herbal Remedies Images Overview -Ancient Egyptian remedies consist of a limited number of cultivated herbs and plants -Egyptians use simple recipes for medications, which were commonly added to common food in the form of spices and drinks -Egyptian foods… Continue reading Ancient Egyptian Herbs and Remedies